Gina grew up in a house surrounded by dense woods, near Lake Michigan’s shoreline. There, small lake towns bustling with tourists sit adjacent to sprawling, rural farmland. Over the years, these distinct settings molded her into a keen observer and inspired many of her paintings and stories.

Gina attended the University of Michigan, where she studied Art and Design alongside other topics she enjoyed, such as creative writing, children’s literature, and history. Since graduating in 2016, she’s had experience as an art director in the advertising industry. She has also worked for many freelance clients. Her projects have ranged from video game environment art, to board game and children’s book illustration, to beverage label design. She is currently looking for work in the animation industry.

When she’s not plein-air painting or watching cartoons, Gina enjoys playing video games, going for hikes, and reading fantasy novels.

Please visit her on Twitter, Instagram, or Tumblr.